Car Washing Tips

Here are a few tips when using a self service car wash.

  • If you want your car or truck clean, USE THE FOAMY BRUSH! But never use a foaming brush before you rinse all of the grit and dirt off of your vehicle or you run the risk of scratching it. After you have rinsed your car or truck off, use the foaming brush to clean the remaining dirt.

  • Rinse off the foamy brush with the high pressure nozzle before you activate the foam brush. Grit, sand, and mud could be lurking in the brush from previous washes, and could scratch your finish.

  • If you usually take longer than one full cycle, let the time run out while you're on the foamy brush stage so you can get good scrubbing time in well after it actually stops dispensing the foam. This period also lets you see the spots you missed as the soap dissipates, and you won't be in a hurry, since the time has already run out. Just make sure to not let the foam sit long enough on the car to develop into a film. Pass over the car repeatedly to keep the surface moist while you scrub.

  • Be aware of rust/paint damage, as high pressure can lift paint, magnetic signs and bumper stickers from your car.

  • When your done washing pull out of the car wash and dry it off. You will be much happier if you towel dry your car rather than letting it air dry. Although spot free rinse or wax will help there is nothig like towel drying. Much better results. We now also offer our NEW Air Shammee ( vehicle drying system ) in one of our bays.